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October 22, 2012


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giveaway...did someone say giveaway...ooooo....I like them.....put me down sister...
I came over from Andi's and saw the doll she made you...how cute is she....VERY!!! so...call me maybe...!!!


I love fall too :) it's really hard to pick a favorite memory, but I think it would have to be carving my very first pumpkin two years ago! It was messy and fun, and I baked the seeds too :) I still think it's the coolest thing to light the candle and see them lit up!


My birthday is in the fall, so I always enjoyed playing fall games at my birthday parties growing up. We'd always bob for apples and get soaked from the waist up! Another great memory is when we'd rake up our maple leaves into massive piles and jump in them.


ooppss...didn't say what the memory is...playing in the leaves with my kids when they were little...we live in the woods so there are always pleanty of leaves to pile up and jump in... :)

Mariann McKee

My favorite fall memory is easy: my Wonder Woman halloween costume that my mom made for me! I remember standing by her sewing machine while she was working on it...trying to be patient, but feeling like leaping to the moon with excitement!!!!


My favorite fall memory.... that's probably walking home from school, admiring the color of the trees, smelling the damp chill in the air, listening to the water drip through the leaves.


I'm here from your sister's blog, and in awe of your photography. One of my favorite fall memories is of when my twin boys were toddlers. I looked out my kitchen window to see one helping the other stand on the seat of his tricycle to reach the colored leaves. I rushed outside to prevent an accident, and when I asked what they were doing, they told me they were "helping it be fall" by picking the leaves and dropping them on the ground.

Kelly K.

My favorite fall memory is when I was in grade school and my dad was off from work on one of those rare days. He walked my sister and me to school. We took some time to stroll through the playground next to the schoolyard on that sunny, brisk morning. I recalled the ground was covered with wet, yellow, red and slightly brown leaves (it must have rained the night before) as I was trying to pick out the nicer ones (not trampled on) for art class that day. I was so excited for the day to end because I knew he would be picking me up from school as well. When school let out, I was greeted not only by my dad, but my grandma. Of course she brought a box of Munchkins for my sister and me - always a treat from her!

lindy bonnin

my favorite fall memory is of my family going wood cutting, drinking hot wassil and enjoying the beautiful colors of fall.


Popped over here from the My Sister's Knitter blog. My favorite fall memory has to be from from this past weekend! We went down to Gatlinburg, TN, to visit with my favorite aunts and their families. I haven't seen them in a year (they are in Ga and Fl, I'm up in Michigan right now) and it was their first time meeting our 6 month old, Arthur. It was a great weekend vacation!


I too am here from your sister's blog but yours is awesome!!!

My favourite Fall memory is my first Fall in America. That was 12 years ago and one of my then co-workers took me to Central Park to experience the foliage. Amazing is an understatement. I can still feel the crisp air, see the beautiful colour changes of the leaves. It's been a while but that memory is as vivid as the first day I got here!

Happy Fall to you too!


I've popped over from your sister's blog.

My favorite fall memory is watching our dog encounter leaves for the first time during a walk. He picked his feet up really high because he didn't like how they felt. Too funny.


hi monica! your photo's are as beautiful as andi's knitting~

nice to meet ya!

happy weekending~



My favorite fall memory is about a quarter horse named Champ. Always looked forward to the weekend fall rides.


my favorite fall memory is raking leaves. I have 9 brothers and sisters and we lived in the country with an acre and lots of oaks and maples and fruit treas. It all had to be raked so we would team up and get it all raked into piles- of course we jumped in the leaves and then burned them in a big bonfire. I love the smell of burning leaves. My mom would make hot chocolate and grilled cheese and tomato soup! yum!


Riding through the Great Smoky Mountains in an old Jeep with my boyfriend (who has been my husband for 33 years now) with a couple of blankets and a thermos of corn chowder to keep us warm.


I think my favorite fall memory must be playing out in the leaves with my dad and little brothers. My middle brother and dad and I would always take my littlest brother and put him in the bag of leaves, and pretend we were going to let the garbage man take him away, then he'd escape, giggling hysterically, and we'd all throw leaves at each other. It was usually at this point that mom would come out and yell at us for making the yard more messy instead of less, but we'd just laugh and throw leaves at her until she retreated back into the house :)

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